Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Hi everyone. Seems my Oct 1 post didn't get processed. So Halloween is the theme for this month's Color it create it show it off site and I got to color up this super cute Bestie from Sherri Ann Baldy. This little witch wants to go to the spa!

This cutie can be found at:

Back in 2....................Lauren

Friday, 15 September 2017

Well look who I found. A troll in a cuppy cake(as my kids used to call them). Isn't he just adorable?
I will call him Tommy the troll.

I made him for my September recipe challeng  for my DT card at Color it, Create it,Show it off.  We have a challenge there so come and join in.

He can be found at Sherry Ann Baldy's etsy store. Here is the link to find him

Scan 0056 I Love Cupcakes Troll

and here's Tommy....................

Thanks for stopping by.  


Friday, 1 September 2017

September 1, 2017

Well summer is almost "officially over". It was really cool, which was ok for me, cause I don't like the heat. But back to My Besties. I chose this image, In the Cherry Pie IMG664, because I just thought it was so darn cute. But I really struggled with the cherry's.  I learned through one of my Kit and Clowder classes, how to color reds that come out differently with shadows and I love it. But the cherries were all mushed together, so it was hard to color them in order to make them stand out. I did the best that I could, but I need to practice. The reds are done in C3, R56 OR R89, R29 AND R22. Practice, practice practice! See you in 2......................

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Its a blog AND a journal, great idea!!

So I guess if nothing else I am going to use my blog as a sort of coloring journal for myself. It will track of what I've done and how I've improved over the years and help me keep track of what I've done. So today I have whipped up this little cuttie for my August 1, beach theme card!  I was really proud of myself, I was able to complete this card on the first try!! Hope you enjoy August swimnng card for colorit, createit, showit off, Thanks for dropping dropping in!!

Saturday, 15 July 2017

It's that time Again!

So here\s the next in My Besties Design Team series.  How cute is this.  I am pretty excited I just ordered a few of the coloring books, imagine, each book for 25 images!!! I could just color them all day!  I just love this stamp line. So here she is!! I call her Penny, no reason, just cause!!

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Happy Canada 150 Everyone!!

If I had any foresight, I would have created my July 1, 2017 DT card with a Canada Day flair, but atlas, I did not, so I thought it was at least worth mentioning!!
Before I get to my card I just wanted to shared with those that don't know that today, July 1, 2017 is Canada's 150th birthday!!

This is my DT card for this month. here is the link for her.:

Since this lovely lady doesn't have a name I will call her Birthday  Diva  Lauren because it was Lauren day this week!! Yes its all about me!!!

I used some of the techniques that I have picked up from my on line coloring classes and I am really pleased with how Lauren morphed into this lovely card.

See you in 2........................................................


Thursday, 15 June 2017

Mid June's DT Card!!

Hi Everyone, I'm back with my mid June DT card for Color it, Create it Show it off! I colored this card in Sault Ste Marie while visiting a friend, so this is a well traveled card!!  

This card is called  Bestie Boy and you can find him at Sherry Ann Baldy's store on Etsy.  

These are the colors I used: 

GREY: C5,C3,C1,C0, 
RED C3,R39,R29,R22
BLUE: B26,B23,B21,B00
GREEN: G07, G20,G24 
YELLOW: Y38, Y23

I turned this little guy whom I call Simon, into a thank you card cause well thats how he looks to me, 

till next time.......